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We have finally decided to entertain guest blogging with the increase in number of readers and volume of traffic. Moreover, blogging is all about sharing ideas and views to others. 

We look forward for posts that are related to blogging, online money making, content marketing, affiliate program reviews, book reviews and also anything related to Bhutan-living styles and cultures. 

Why guest blogging at www.stcbmtl.blogspot.com?

This blog was started on 17th August, 2015. Within this short period of time, it has good number of followers and receives at least 1.5K daily organic views. 

We allow linking of your blog via your Blogger profile or Google+ profile. Your blog will surely receive new followers and readers. 

We have greater range of topics on which you can blog. You can just choose one from a list of our categories. 

How to do guest blogging at www.stcbmtl.blogspot.com?

Write to us at stcbmtl@gmail.com requesting for an opportunity to contribute a guest post along with a link of your blog/other online works. 

We'll review your blog or other online works and then we'll invite you as a guest blogger of our blog. 

You have to accept the invitation and then access our blogger dashboard via your login email id.

You can then write a post and once it's done, save it as a draft. Admins will review and make necessary changes if required and then publish your article. We'll let you know when it's published. 

To know more requirements, please read given points:
  • Post should be written in English with words count not lesser than 500.
  • You should have blogger or Google+ profile with your own photo as profile photo. 
  • You shouldn't give third party links inside the post unless necessary.
  • You must link at least 3 articles from www.stcbmtl.blogspot.com
  • You must be active in replying comments of readers.

This all you have to consider. If you want to know more, write to us at stcbmtl@gmail.com. Happy guest blogging with us!

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